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Snake People

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Snake People

Published 1971

The inhabitants of a small, remote island have been practicing voodoo rites and worshipping an evil priest named Damballah for years, but the local law officials generally turn a blind eye to this death cult's bizarre activities. Captain Labesch arrives from the mainland, determined to crack down on the island's lawlessness and clean up the ineffectual, hard-drinking police force. - IMDB Description

Run time 90 minutes 45 seconds
Producer Azteca Films
Sponsor Movie Powder
Audio/Visual sound, color
Contact Information <a href="">Movie Powder - Free Online Movies


Reviewer: Captain Kronos - favorite - April 28, 2010
Subject: Like a snakebite to the eyeball
Ooookay, this might have just blighted my love affair with bad old horror flicks. Nah, that's impossible, but holy crow was this bad.

We start with some good elements --incredibly stagey cemetery, sinister little dwarf doing things with knives -- and that's basically the highlight of the movie. Hang about only if you want to watch bad acting be badly dubbed.

Mr. Karloff, to give him credit, fulfills the needs of the script. To spare yourselves some pain, however,I recommend a running commentary where the one small snake (two snakes on the island of their worshippers, oh how the Ophites have fallen!) is having his first experience of cinema, gets unutterably traumatised from filming that dream sequence, and dear Boris, whilst explaining "I am only here for the MONEY," takes pity and runs away with it, thus explaining why his supposed character at the climax has no resemblance to him.

And now that the world is polluted with more words about this abysmal picture, I have only this left to say: If you insist on watching it, take vodka til the pain stops.
Reviewer: doowopbob - favorite - February 23, 2010
Subject: Only Karloff....
....Could Pull This Off..He Died In 1969..And Here He Is In A 1971 Release..Way To Go William..!
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